Concrete Foundation

Concrete Foundations

Structural Concrete Slab and Poured Concrete Foundation Walls

Concrete foundations are just as the name implies; the "foundation" for the entirety of the project, whether a home, high-rise apartment building, shopping center, or commercial office complex.  At Long Island Concrete, Inc. we know how critical it is that the foundation of any structure is solid and properly formed.  Building concrete foundations is just one of our specialties.  We have proudly served both residential and commercial clients in Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, New York City, and other areas in Suffolk and Nassau Counties in NY for years.

Large Scale Commercial Projects

Concrete Foundation throughout New York City, Long Island, New Jersey

We've complete many high-rise and skyscraper foundation projects throughout Manhattan and other borough throughout the tri-state region.

We provide all needed resources for your poured concrete foundation.  We coordinate the concrete and deliver it using our own trucks, and also perform the work.  Using our own equipment, our highly skilled and experienced contractors will complete your project on time, and on budget.  Concrete slab foundation are an integral component of many types of structures; we provide structural and architectural concrete services for commercial projects of all types, sizes and requirements. We are licensed and certified in New York and carry fully insured in excess of $20,000,000.

Our experience in structural concrete slab and poured concrete foundation walls includes such projects as commercial office buildings both small and large, retail stores and architecture, parking and airport facilities, shopping malls, promenades, train and subway stations, garages and much more.  From a simple commercial projects to more complex heavy construction and industrial projects, we are highly experienced, capable and committed to quality and excellence.  While you may believe that anyone can excavate , reinforce, form and pour concrete foundations, it is critical to choose professionals to perform these highly structural work.  Heavy construction contractors like Long Island Concrete, Inc. are equipped to engage and complete these types of projects in an efficient manner, and are knowledgeable regarding the building of forms, maximum dimensions, and proper requirements.  When not done correctly, a concrete foundation may not be perfectly level  or structurally sound which can lead to cracking, "slumping or failure."

Heavy Construction Contracting Capability

Concrete Foundation being Implemented in commercial construction site

Preparation underway for a concrete foundation at this New York City job site for BJ's Warehouse.

At Long Island Concrete, Inc. we use only top quality workmanship and products in forming our reinforced concrete foundations.  We are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations, completing your project on time, and without any unexpected surprises in terms of price.  From poured concrete foundation walls to structural concrete slab, we know the integrity and application of the concrete is key in properly supporting the structure of commercial/industrial buildings and structures.

We cater to clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties in NY, including the cities of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, New York City, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey and Staten Island.  Because we are knowledgeable professionals, we know that experience makes all the difference, and that one application is not necessarily the solution for every client.  Ultimately, by choosing Long Island Concrete, Inc. for your concrete foundation and concrete contracting needs, you benefit from the skill and experience our team have acquired project after project. Contact us today to discuss your concrete foundation project. Click or Call (718)-784-4606.

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