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Concrete Forms Installation

Concrete form installation at BJ's construction site in New York City

Concrete forms are just one of the services we provide at Long Island Concrete, Inc.  We provide a wide range of services to commercial contractors and construction companies customers, out-of-town and throughout New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties in Long Island NY, including structural engineered concrete, poured concrete foundations, architectural concrete, poured concrete foundation walls, concrete parking structures and driveways, sidewalks, and reinforced concrete piles, just to name a few.  If you need concrete contracting services in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey, or nearby areas you can rely on our company for outstanding results on your projects ranging in sizes up to complex superstructures.

To put it simply, concrete forms, concrete wall forms, concrete tube forms are rigid formed structures, typically made from wood, plywood or paper, that are built to encase steel rebars or steel piles for the purpose of containing concrete when poured.  Concrete start out as hollowed structures that are formed or shaped to the dimensions of the load bearing walls and/or exterior of a structure, then filled with concrete after using steel rebar for reinforcement.  Essentially, this type of application makes a structure or commercial building secured to a strong rigid footing, while providing support for surrounding dirt and backfill. Concrete forms are a necessary part of establishing the foundation.  Think of the concrete form of a commercial structure as part of the "encasement" of the foundation structure, established to receive the mixed concrete which takes the shape of the concrete forms.

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Contractors Set Up Concrete Forms in NYC job site

Concrete form footings being installed at a job site in New York City.

Some of the types of projects Long Island Concrete, Inc. has been involved in include commercial office buildings of all sizes, airport superstructures and facilities, parking facilities, parking garages, train stations, promenades, retail shopping centers and shopping space, malls, and more.  We also provide a vast magnitude of masonry services to compliment and complete all our concrete projects. We are one-stop-shop for contractors and construction companies projects.  Our range of services don't stop at masonry and concrete; we also employ highly skilled workers who are dedicated to exceptional results, and the equipment to get the job done.  We can provide consultation, as we believe in clients who are informed regarding their projects they spend their time and resources to develop.  You can expect your project to be completed on time, and on budget with the quality and workmanship from our 28+ years of experience.

Our clients in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Long Island as well as out-of-town construction companies all understand the superior quality of work Long Island Concrete, Inc. provides. And our concrete forms in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings, facilities and superstructures are no exception.  For all their concrete contracting needs, hundreds of clients count on Long Island Concrete, Inc. to deliver quality and reliable results at competitive prices.

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